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We wouldn't be here without our clubs and coaches and we exist to create professional and accessible competitions for you. Our five "leagues" aim to provide a place for all aspiring competitive gymnasts. AGC is inspired by the American college gymnastics competition style. Gymnasts can compete in addition to their current competition stream allowing them to train and compete with their best skills & aspire to be drafted to become a Paid Pro Gymnast. 

When you join our positive gymnastics movement, together we can influence the gymnastics community in a way that enriches the lives of all gymnasts. As a member coach and club, you will be provided with personal development 
opportunities where you'll rub shoulders with industry leaders from around the world to have a direct positive impact on gymnasts.


5 leagues

what to expect

Professional Judges

  • Our professionally trained league judges have been selected as part of our positive AGC Crew

  • Scores are out of 10 and YES it is possible to receive a perfect 10!

  • Private scoring software with scores displayed


With each routine, the judges will have an allocation of "WOW Points" that they can award for things like great performance, artistry, presentation, or creativity ... The possibilities are endless so watch this space!


We want to look after our gymnasts' number 1 fans! 

  • Easy to follow competition structure

  • Spectator involvement throughout the competition

Paid Pro League

  • 5 selected per district each year

  • Removing barriers for adult gymnasts

  • Keeping gymnasts in the sport they love for longer

  • Giving young gymnasts something to aspire to beyond a National or International pathway

Short Sharp Season

  • 5 Rounds over six-seven weeks

  • 2 hours per comp max

  • Overall winning merchandise prizes, 1-6th placing

  • Vic Champs Event Season Finale

  • Minimise injury & maximise progression

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